Capital Campaigns

Securing our Timeless Mission


Our Plan

1. School Technology

  • Upgrade dated wiring to facilitate modern technology
  • Student devices, software, and tech support

2. School Security and Safety

  • Reconfigure main entrance and enclose office
  • Key fob access at all entrances
  • Cameras at all entrances and in hallways

3. School Maintenance

  • Maintenance Free and timely upgrades to carpet,
    paint, plumbing, and lighting

4. Church  Upgrade

  • Installation of Fire Suppression System
  • Painting of Ceiling
  • Maintenance Fund

5. STM Education Fund

  • Financial Aid for families of Saint Thomas More,
    making Catholic Education available to all.

Total Project Estimate: $3 Million

Key Campaign Dates

  • August 26 Campaign Kick-off Event at 5:00pm in More Hall
  • September 23 Town Hall Meeting following 4:00 Mass
  • September 24 Town Hall Meeting following 7:30 & 9:30 Mass
  • October 1 Town Hall Meeting following 11:30 & 5:00 Mass
  • October 28 Town Hall Meeting following 4:00 Mass in Narthex
  • October 29 Town Hall Meeting following 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 & 5:00 Mass


Sept 3, 2017: From the Faculty

We are always planning for the future of our students and preparing them for success in learning and growth in their faith. Securing our Timeless Mission focuses on three areas for the school:

  • Technology cabling upgrade and additional technology devices in the hands of the students
  • Security upgrades
  • Maintenance of the school building

We need to upgrade our internet cabling infrastructure in order to best use the technological tools we have in the classrooms. The last time this cabling was upgraded was in 1996, when the 6th, 7th and 8th grade wing was added to the school. We also want our students to learn how to operate the devices that they are going to use for the rest of their lives. Our society has moved to a tablet and laptop world. Our students need an introduction and practice with these devices while they are at STM so they are prepared to use any type of device when they graduate from 8th grade.

We do have a secure building and take great steps to make sure it remains secure. We would like to increase the security by adding key fob access to the doors for a more manageable system. This system would allow us to monitor the access points and times for people entering the building. A key pad entry system has already been installed at the gym doors for our coaches to use to maintain maximum safety during practices. We will also add a secure entrance into the school during the school business day to allow us to maintain our secure and safe environment for learning.

Everyone works better and feels good when they have beautiful surroundings. Our school is very well kept and everyone takes pride in keeping it clean and up to date. We are in need of some overdue upgrades to some of the building maintenance: some carpet is ripping at the seams and some walls have water marks from a previously leaking roof. We would like to address these issues to keep our school a timeless treasure.

Thank you for your continued support! We could not continue to educate the children of STM without your continued generosity.

Sept 10, 2017: Steve Ismert, Safety & Security Team Leader

Security and Safety Briefing

In today’s ever-expanding society, there is a growing need to secure and protect our school and church from outside risks. With that being said, the Security and Safety team has been asked to develop and implement comprehensive safety protocols to secure our school.

Safety & Security plan:

  • Reconfi gure and secure the main entrance
  • Install keyless entry at points of access
  • Install cameras at all entry points and hallways

This eff ort will help to ensure that every child is safe when he or she goes to school. Taking proper security precautions will keep teachers, parents and school guests safe as well. Our focus on school safety will help to create a learning environment which has a positive impact on behavior, attendance, and academic achievement. “Security is the pursuit of freedom from threats” (Barry Buzan, 1991).

Sept 17: from Steve Pawlewicz, Technology Team Leader

The Technology Team is off to a strong start! After reviewing the current state of technology in the school, we have good recommendations on where to invest.

The three investment areas that would prepare the school for the best technology growth are:

  1. upgrade to the network infrastructure to establish complete wifi coverage,
  2. upgrade the classroom curriculum delivery systems (teacher computers), and
  3. provide 1-1 student devices in the upper grades.

In our next meeting, we plan to dive into the details and options with the 1-1 devices program, which will improve curriculum delivery and ensure our 8th grade graduates are well-prepared for high school.

Sept 24, 2017: Phil Barrett, Church Upgrade Team Leader

Church Upgrade

The church upgrade portion of the Capital Campaign will be used to:

  • repaint the ceiling in the sanctuary
  • increase the number of security cameras
  • provide funds for continued maintenance
  • install a fire sprinkler system

The fire sprinkler system is a requirement for our Certificate of Occupancy issued in 2009. The fire sprinkler system installation was a requirement, but was postponed for a period of ten years which was agreed to by the city and our church representatives.

In our previous campaign, our parish made the investments of adding an elevator and expanding the narthex.  The continued investment demonstrates our commitment to our place of worship so that all who enter through the doors will reap benefits not just in the present but in the future.


If you are interested in becoming a part of the Church Upgrade team, please contact Kendra Cusick, 913-486-4606 or


How serious are the issues being addressed? And what is the urgency to address to these issues (of School Technology, Safety & Security, and Church Upgrade)?

School Technology: We have to prepare and educate our students for their future. The future is ever expanding technology and our students must be able to function past the walls of STM and be prepared to use various devices and operating systems as they move on to high school that are all using different devices.

Safety & Security: One of the top questions asked when parents of prospective STM students tour the school is, "Is your school secure?" It is secure, but there is room for improvement to make the school more secure, especially in the world in which we live.

Church Upgrade: When the narthex was expanded, STM was granted a ten year waiver to install a fire suppression system. We are now at the end of the waiver and are working with borrowed time to install the system. It is a priority and obligation to install the fire suppression system.

Do we have business contacts who will match pledges? What are we asking in terms of pledges from each family?

On the Pledge Sheet, in the Capital Campaign box, there is an option that reads "I/We have checked with employer(s) regarding a matching gift." There is a space provided for employer name. With the number of companies that participate in matching funds, it is great when parishioners ask their employers!
              We are asking and hoping for 100% participation from all STM families, with each family pledging the biblical tithe of 10% of total gross income. This year we ask each household to consider the following split of that 10% tithe: 5% to Annual Stewardship, 3% to the Capital Campaign over 3 years, 1% to the Diocesan Annual Catholic Appeal, and 1% to the charities of your choice.
             The final series of Town Hall Meetings will be the last weekend of October, following each Mass. If you are a parent of an STM student and attend a Town Hall, you will receive a voucher for a Spirit Wear Day on Monday, October 30 for your child. Please join us for an hour of community fellowship and let us hear your questions and concerns!

Printed materials
Town Hall Meeting video

Why pledge? (video)

2013 Capital Needs Survey

A capital needs survey was done in April of 2013 inviting parishioners to express their opinions on capital project priorities for our parish campus.

Funding for the resulting projects will be provided by the STM Facilities Fund and our share of your contributions toward the Forward in Faith Campaign.

Survey Results

Detailed responses

Summary (from Summer 2013 More News)

In April, a capital needs survey was posted and about 300 responses were given. The survey began by asking how we are doing with our “main” thing: spirituality. The majority of the respondents (93%) agreed that STM meets their spiritual needs. Father Don was mentioned many times as being the reason for these needs being met. Also noted were the Bible studies, Christ Renews His Parish Retreat, That Man Is You, Mass times and accessibility, a number of other advertised opportunities, and the wonderful and spiritual parishioners.
Many people (64%) skipped question number two (How could we better meet your spiritual needs?) and most who did try to respond were at a loss for suggestions beyond cloning Father Don. Suggestions that were made were fairly random, in that only one or two people commented on the same and there were no natural groupings of these responses. This is not to say that the comments are not important; the comments have been passed along to parish leadership.
The third question in the survey was, “What do you like most about Saint Thomas More Parish?” As you probably have guessed, Father Don was mentioned most often. The community of parishioners (welcoming, friendly, spiritual, close, caring, generous) was a close second. Other top responses included the staff and leadership, the school, and the variety of activities available at STM and within the community. Most inspiring to me were the numerous comments about the wonderful people at STM:  how parishioners make Saint Thomas More Parish feel like family, like home.
Prioritizing the maintenance/upgrade needs of our campus was the most challenging part of the survey and garnered the most detailed comments. Not surprisingly, school safety and security (72% rating as 4 or 5) and structure (63%) came out as top priorities. A new parish office was a close third (61%). Most respondents want to know how funds will be directed before they contribute.  Beyond that, there is a pull to maintain what we already have (not allowing facilities to fall into further disrepair), to keep students and staff safe on campus, and to continue to keep our school competitive.
Sixty-eight respondents agreed to help with the campaign by calling to spread the information. (You will be contacted soon!) The diocesan Forward in Faith Campaign for Catholic education and formation is being merged with our own Golden Jubilee Campaign to take care of some of our capital needs.

2008 Capital Campaign Phase I

Our goal

The capital campaign will focus on renovating the school and the narthex (lobby) of the church, including the installation of an elevator in the narthex.

The Capital Campaign Prayer

Loving God, Creator of the Universe,
We seek to build Your church, to make holy this sacred ground entrusted to our care to serve generations of faith at Saint Thomas More.
You are the Master Builder and Architect of our souls.
Guide our destiny to have not just a successful campaign but a successful parish that carries out Your will.
Christ is the Cornerstone of our structure and we are living stones that have been sent to build our future in faith.

Update: One Year Extension to
Building Our Future in Faith Campaign Approved

Campaign success
To date (10/31/10), we have raised $3.333 million
to fund our new narthex, the elevator and parking upgrades. The original $3.8 million was pledged, so we expect the rest to come in by the end of this calendar year, completing our original budget. Thank you so much to all the families and individuals who have generously given (and are still giving) to this campaign.

Why extend the campaign?
In December, our three-year capital campaign was due to come to a close. However, because we accelerated approximately $1.4 million of projects and expenses from phase two of our master plan into phase one for cost-saving measures, the STM Planning Team elected to extend the campaign for one year. Building Our Future in Faith will now conclude December 15, 2011. More information about the campaign extension will be available soon.

Our Mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and loving community by proclaiming and living God’s Word through worship, education, and social justice.