What is an annulment? It is a declaration by the Church that at least one of the elements seen as essential for a binding marriage was not present. The word “annulment,” when used by the Diocesan Tribunal (the office which studies the marriage in order to determine if an annulment is possible) refers only to the spiritual bond of marriage, not the civil bond. Advocates help the Tribunal with the process by meeting with individuals in the parish who wish to learn about annulments and possibly proceed with the process for one reason or another. Members of Saint Thomas More Parish are advocates and are happy to assist you! Please contact the church office at the number below or email “To whom it may concern” for more information.

The Saint Thomas More parishioners who serve as advocates (available to assist parish members who are seeking annulments) are Judy Furey, Julie Grimaldi, Jim Humphrey and Shirley Platt.

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