Marian Conference


Marian Conference IV of Greater Kansas City

“My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord”

June 22-23, 2018

St Thomas More Parish
11822 Holmes Rd
Kansas City, Missouri

THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered and/or attended at Marian Conference IV of Greater Kansas City in June. We pray that each of you grew in your faith and in your relationship with Jesus and with our Mother Mary. We encourage you to make time to review your notes and to take steps to apply what you learned at the conference. 

 The next Marian Conference is on August 10 & 11 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Laurie Missouri. For more information send email to or call 573-374-6279.



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(Friday evening Mass)

Tim Francis
“The Real Presence”

Father Bill Casey
“Mary and Her Eucharistic Son”

John LaBriola:
“Onward Catholic Soldier”

Fr. Ed Wills:

“St. Thomas More ‘God’s First'”

Michael McGlinn:

“Confidence in God and Divine Mercy”

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Adult Schedule

Friday June 22, 2018

5:00 pm          Registration (Narthex), Finger Foods (cafeteria – lower level)
6:00 pm         Welcome & Prayer
6:10 pm          Tim Francis “The Real Presence, Our Most Merciful Gift”
7:30 pm          Mass: Archbishop Naumann  
8:35 pm          Father Bill Casey “Mary and Her Eucharistic Son”

Saturday June 23, 2018

7:00 am           Mass  
7:35 am           Registration, Coffee and Donuts (cafeteria – lower level)
8:10 am           Rosary 
8:35 am           John LaBriola “Onward Catholic Soldier”
9:35 am           Father Ed Wills “Did St. Thomas More say Yes Like Mary?”
10:45 am        Father Bill Casey “Four Last Things, How Can Mary Help?”
11:40 am        Michael McGlinn "Confidence in God and Divine Mercy"
12:30 pm        Angelus, Blessing
1:25 pm          Tim Francis “Signs from God, Science Tests Faith”
2:40 pm          Divine Mercy
3:00 pm          John LaBriola “Four Simple Steps to Evangelize the Lost”
4:00 pm          Mass

Youth Schedule

Saturday, June 23

10:45 - 11:15p.m.

11:30 - 12:00p.m. 

12:00 -

1:30 -

2:15 -

2:40 -


Tim Francis: See beyond the paranormal to the Supernatural, and what it means to you?

Greg Thompson: Relics from Jesus and His Saints, what do they mean to me? 

Lunch / Break /

Mike McGlinn: How does your belief in God makes a difference to you and your family?


Worship & Confession (in The Peak)

Mass (In main church)

C O M M E N T S    F R O M   2 0 1 7

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of the Marian Conference.  It was such a beautiful experience.  The speakers were wonderful and shared so many rich teachings.  I truly feel enriched by this experience.”

“This conference helped reignite my passion for the Rosary.  I like how books were referenced.  This will give me direction after today has ended.  I love my Momma.  I enjoyed being in an atmosphere surrounded by her.”

“Excellent speakers, You were very conscious of the time and tried to keep things moving on time. It was free!! Included meals!  Thanks”


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