STM Supper Club

WOW!  I remember the old STM “Dinner For Eight!”  That was a great way to meet other STM folks for an evening of fellowship, good food and fun.   Great News!  We are bringing it back for all the STM Parish!

The STM Supper Club dinners will be held at a Host home (single or couple) and include a total of 8 with the host(s).  The Host will determine the time to start and the dinner menu, normally providing the main entree as desired.  Guests that have signed up for that particular night chosen by the Host are assigned to the Host/Host Couple and will complete the dinner with sides and their own libations. Great fun and fellowship, right?

This is your opportunity to renew old STM friendships, be with your STM neighbors as well as get to know other fellow parishioners in the STM Community!

Sign up below and watch for details in the bulletin and at the Information Table in the narthex or email

Enjoy your STM Supper!

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