School Board

School Mission Statement:  Saint Thomas More School provides a safe learning environment in which I, as a unique child of God, strive to become the person God intends for me to be through academic achievement and acts of justice, love and service based in our Catholic religious beliefs.

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Saint Thomas More School, a parish ministry, supports the parish mission statement by providing a welcoming environment to educate the whole child in the most appropriate manner insuring academic excellence. The school is fully accredited by both North Central/CASI as well as the Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association.
Our School provides instruction in preschool through grade eight. Special programs include the fully staffed resource room and counselor helping to ensure that special attention is given to each child.
The curriculum provides daily instruction in the Catholic faith along with traditional subjects supplemented by an enriched fine arts curriculum including art, vocal and instrumental music, and foreign language, to approximately 600 students each year.
Technology is emphasized in all aspects of classroom and student instruction. Classrooms are equipped with internet connections, classroom projection equipment and whole class student response systems.  Students are instructed in basic computer skills in the computer lab.
Each grade level has three sections, allowing us to accommodate all parish members. Class size is limited to a maximum of 26 to 1. When possible, lower student-teacher ratios are maintained in primary grades.  Registration occurs in February each year.
The STM School Sports program is part of the Parochial League of the Diocese of Kansas City~St. Joseph. Sports offered in this program include football, basketball, volleyball, soccer and track. Development of skills and sportsmanship are emphasized in the after school programs.

School parent organizations

Parental involvement is encouraged through a variety of organizations at Saint Thomas More School including:

The School Board is a sounding board for policies and budget and provides resources for school sponsored activities.  The board consists of school parents and parish members, representatives of the Home and School Association, Athletics, and Administration.  Selection of board members occurs in the spring, and applications are available on the school website.

The Home and School Association supports school activities providing volunteers for programs including new family mentoring, room parents, recess volunteers, and teacher appreciation, to name a few.  Volunteer sign-up forms are available in the spring and at the beginning of the school year.

The Booster Club promotes involvement of school families in the sports program by defraying participation costs for students while providing valuable resources for maintenance of sports related space and equipment.

The Cultural Enrichment Committee provides support to the students participating in the band program at STM.  Additionally, the committee helps defray costs for the foreign language, art and music departments and promotes special programs for increased cultural awareness including the sponsorship of the Discovery Learning Network for all academic applications.

The Saint Thomas More Auction is the largest fundraiser for our children’s academic, athletic and cultural enrichment programs. The night, held in early February, consists of a silent and live auction and a sit-down buffet dinner followed by a dance or entertainment. Please check out for more details. 

Please contact the school office for more information regarding these standing committees or the other opportunities for school-centered activities and community involvement.


This ministry is devoted to advocating inclusion across our community — church and school. Established in 2008, the mission of STM-for-All is to ensure that all aspects of our community are committed to welcoming all of God’s children from the very young to the elderly by providing the environment, resources, acceptance, compassion, and love necessary to support the development of their true potential.

STM-for-All provides the following:

  • Advocacy for adults or children with learning or social delays to mental or physical disabilities.
  • Committees that can influence change, establish policies and implement procedures.
  • Fundraising necessary to hire staff, develop teacher workshops and implement needed programs and resources.
  • A general sounding board for parents with needs or concerns for their children.
  • Advocacy for parishioners at STM parish.

STM-for-All benefits parishioners across the learning and development spectrum, for example, by establishing and implementing simple playground safety and inclusion rules or an expanded resource room.

Our children are our future:  We are all children of God. Unfortunately, children with unique learning challenges or disabilities oftentimes do not attend their parish school, alongside their siblings and peers, because the resources and funds haven’t traditionally been available.  STM-for-All was created as an advocacy to access needs, both in the church and school environments, and build programs and policies so that adults and children with a variety of special needs are included and supported. Children who learn together will learn to live together and that is the benefit when inclusive education is embraced!


Our Mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and loving community by proclaiming and living God’s Word through worship, education, and social justice.