Pastoral Council

The STM Pastoral Council, February 2016
The STM Pastoral Council, February 2016

The Pastoral Council is here to listen, learn and communicate with parishioners and each ministry team, as well as with our neighbors outside the parish, to discern the future course of parish life. We are a visioning body that guides the work of the various ministry teams and parish leadership. Our hope is to gain the trust of the entire parish as we pray and work together to continue the growth of Saint Thomas More Parish.

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More about the Pastoral Council

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The STM Pastoral Council Mission:

Our mission is to assist the Pastor in discerning the vision, direction and long-term planning for the parish.

Meeting times

Meetings are held monthly on a Tuesday evening at 5:30pm.

The Pastoral Plan

In January 2011, St. Thomas More unveiled its Golden Jubilee Pastoral Plan. Now, five years later, the Pastoral Council and Parish Staff have worked for several months to update that plan for the next five years. Here you will find a condensed version of the plan, listing all the goals, as well as an expanded version, which explains what each of the goals is meant to include and accomplish. Thank you for reading and embracing these documents.

The 20/20 Pastoral Plan (2016-2020) – SHORT VERSION

The 20/20 Pastoral Plan (2016-2020) – EXPANDED VERSION

Member Discernment

Qualities of a Pastoral Council member

All Pastoral Council candidates  must be:
•    A baptized, practicing Catholic
•    A registered member of the parish
•    A participant in the ongoing life of the parish, especially the Sunday Eucharist
•    At least 21 years old

Prospective candidates should:
•    Desire spiritual growth for oneself and parish
•    Be enthusiastic about the future directions of the parish
•    Have a willingness to listen, speak honestly and to work toward consensus
•    Display the ability to inspire and empower others and to delegate
•    Demonstrate flexibility and openness with people and ideas

What is asked of Pastoral Council members

Meetings are held monthly and lasts approximately 1½ hours.  Frequently there are council members who take on other tasks as part of the work of the council. The council writes a column for the bulletin once a month and each member will take that responsibility when assigned.  We also write articles for More News.

Council members have various roles and responsibilities as part of the function of the council.  We have a facilitator, a convener, a recorder, and a prayer co-coordinator. Council members may form sub-committees to work on specific problems based on decisions and the direction and needs of the parish. The council holds two leadership dinners a year and use parishioner listening session as a discernment tool as needed.

Council members typically commit to a three year term but some past members have only served one year due to personal or health issues and others have served more than five years.

The discernment process

Prior to the formal discernment process, prospective members must attend the information sessions. If a session is missed, they are available on DVD. They must also submit their personal information as requested at the sessions by the given deadline. Once those requirements are satisfied, prospective members can attend the discernment sessions.
The formal discernment process is led by a professional facilitator. It is a collaborative process involving prayer, discussion, learning about one another and discovering those who have the gifts most needed by the council and the parish. The decision is discerned by the group as a whole.


Our Mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and loving community by proclaiming and living God’s Word through worship, education, and social justice.