2013 Capital Needs Survey

A capital needs survey was done in April of 2013 inviting parishioners to express their opinions on capital project priorities for our parish campus.

Funding for the resulting projects will be provided by the STM Facilities Fund and our share of your contributions toward the Forward in Faith Campaign.

Survey Results

Detailed responses

Summary (from Summer 2013 More News)

In April, a capital needs survey was posted and about 300 responses were given. The survey began by asking how we are doing with our “main” thing: spirituality. The majority of the respondents (93%) agreed that STM meets their spiritual needs. Father Don was mentioned many times as being the reason for these needs being met. Also noted were the Bible studies, Christ Renews His Parish Retreat, That Man Is You, Mass times and accessibility, a number of other advertised opportunities, and the wonderful and spiritual parishioners.
Many people (64%) skipped question number two (How could we better meet your spiritual needs?) and most who did try to respond were at a loss for suggestions beyond cloning Father Don. Suggestions that were made were fairly random, in that only one or two people commented on the same and there were no natural groupings of these responses. This is not to say that the comments are not important; the comments have been passed along to parish leadership.
The third question in the survey was, “What do you like most about Saint Thomas More Parish?” As you probably have guessed, Father Don was mentioned most often. The community of parishioners (welcoming, friendly, spiritual, close, caring, generous) was a close second. Other top responses included the staff and leadership, the school, and the variety of activities available at STM and within the community. Most inspiring to me were the numerous comments about the wonderful people at STM:  how parishioners make Saint Thomas More Parish feel like family, like home.
Prioritizing the maintenance/upgrade needs of our campus was the most challenging part of the survey and garnered the most detailed comments. Not surprisingly, school safety and security (72% rating as 4 or 5) and structure (63%) came out as top priorities. A new parish office was a close third (61%). Most respondents want to know how funds will be directed before they contribute.  Beyond that, there is a pull to maintain what we already have (not allowing facilities to fall into further disrepair), to keep students and staff safe on campus, and to continue to keep our school competitive.
Sixty-eight respondents agreed to help with the campaign by calling to spread the information. (You will be contacted soon!) The diocesan Forward in Faith Campaign for Catholic education and formation is being merged with our own Golden Jubilee Campaign to take care of some of our capital needs.


Our Mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and loving community by proclaiming and living God’s Word through worship, education, and social justice.