See the flyer!


It’s time to mark your calendars for this year’s school auction. The largest fundraising event of the year will be Feb. 4, 2017!

If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Courtney Fahey at or 816-729-3056 (call or text).

Gathering Parties

If entertaining and socializing is your forte, we would love for you to gather your friends, families, fellow parents and host a gathering to benefit the Auction.  With this being our #1 fundraiser, we are looking for support parish wide!

For questions or to save your party date please contact Jami Pizzichino at 816-868-9601 or


Interested in helping the acquisitions committee out or making an In-Kind donation? Have an auction item you would want to donate? We welcome fresh faces and new ideas! Please contact Kim Brown at 913-908-7396 or


Online Auction

Ever wish you could attend the auction, but can’t? Now you can bid for auction items online! Be sure to visit and bid on the various items for sale. It’s simple and fast to register and start bidding! You will be notified if any items you bid on receive a higher bid, giving you the opportunity to place a counter bid. The winning bidder will receive an invoice with instructions for making a secure credit card payment. Be sure to keep checking in, as items will come and go before and after the main auction!


Funds generated from our auction support our school and all its educational programs, sports, cultural enrichment, inclusive education, and much more! If you are unable to attend this year’s auction but would like to make a donation you are welcome to do so by mailing a check written to STM to the parish or school office marked attn: Auction Committee. Donations are also accepted through the auction website.


Our Mission is to provide a welcoming, inclusive and loving community by proclaiming and living God’s Word through worship, education, and social justice.