Acts of Mercy drama mission

Acts of Mercy

John – Signs of Mercy

Monday,  March 6, 7pm

All the drama and power of this beloved Gospel are brought to life in a spellbinding performance…
From the wedding at Cana to the raising of Lazarus…Signs of astonishing power…
And a call to deeper faith.

Luke – Stories of Mercy

Tuesday, March 7, 7pm

He began to speak by telling stories: A rich man and a poor man…A woman with a coin…A father with two sons…A traveler on the road…
Stories none of them would ever forget…
Then why couldn’t they hear what he was really saying?

James – Works of Mercy

Wednesday, March 8, 7pm

They had been promised “joy!”
They had been promised “a new life!”
But they had problems…problems not unlike our own.
Finally, Jesus’ relative, James, came to speak to them. And the drama began…

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has starred in over 1,000 television shows over the last 20 years… oppositie Meg Ryan on As The World Turns, on Santa Barbara, Falcon Crest, General Hospital, La Law and Melrose Place. He is also an honors graduate of General Theological Seminary and Princeton University.


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